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Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound


The Afghan Hound is among the most ancient of all breeds. What is not clear is how thousands of years ago it came to the mountains of Afghanistan, far from the Arabian peninsula where dogs of this type originated. In its homeland, where it is still used for hunting, it is known as the Tazi, and a shorter haired version exists; it is also called the Baluchi Hound.


Most sight hounds of various breeding have a similar temperament – aloof, independent and very active. Afghans are particularly active in the mornings and evenings. The Afghan’s temperament has been known to range from shy to sociable to aggressive. The breed’s popularity in the 70’s lead to indiscriminate breeding and consequently, as occurs with many popularly-bred dogs, aggressive tendencies evolved. An eventual and unavoidable decline in popularity lead to only the more dedicated breeders remaining and has since allowed for the more responsible breeders to make the Afghan a more sociable animal again.

Regardless, the pedigree Afghan is still a breed of fairly recent domestic origins and it should not be forgotten that it is a dog long-bred to catch and kill other animals. Hunting instincts are still very strong and an Afghan can make for a fiercesome sight when agitated. They do make for good watchdogs and can be vocal at feeding time.

The Afghan Hound is popularly regarded as the most unintelligent of breeds. The Afghan’s independence and aloofness is most apparent during training. Breeders say that basic commands are still no problem however more advanced obedience and exercises such as fetch and retrieve are not the breed’s forte. The breed was never developed to retrieve and as such should not be expected to do so.


Breeders say that reports of incidence of hip dysplasia and juvenile cataracts do not amount to substantial problems within the breed, but regardless, professional, responsible breeders do test for these conditions. Ask to see certification that the puppies’ parents are free of these conditions before purchase.

Breeders have also reported some incidence of undershot and overshot jaws. This can affect a dog’s ability to eat. Examine the pup’s mouth before purchase. Afghans enjoy a reasonably long lifespan, around 12-15 years.

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