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Border Collie


Developed in the border regions of England and Scotland as a working sheepdog, today the Border Collie remains the most popular herding breed. Although the breed was known since the 18th century, it was only recognized by its present name in 1915. Centuries of breeding for ability rather than looks have created a fast, supremely intelligent, and responsive dog of great stamina.


The Border Collie is a very intelligent and responsive dog. It excels at obedience, agility and Frisbee (TM). They thrive on praise, are sensitive and very trainable. The Border Collies are commonly used in the agility competitions, as sports like agility are right up this intelligent dogs alley.

The Border Collie is highly energetic with great stamina. Provided it gets sufficient activity to keep it occupied and ample exercise, the Border Collie will get along quite happily with other dogs, and children, however the Border Collie may be aggressive with other dogs of the same sex if you are not showing 100% leadership with them. They should not be trusted with small non-canine pets, however there are plenty of Border Collies that live and get along with family cats.

For those who wish to reach high levels in dog sports, the Border Collie is a gift from heaven. Farmers (for whom the dogs perform work for which they were bred) are also happy with them.

It is not surprising that at competitive levels in various sports such as: agility skills, obedience, and sheepdog trials, the Border Collie is represented among the leaders in the sport. They are perfectionist with a permanent will to please.

This breed lives for serving you day in and day out. They are not ideal pets for people who have no plans to spend a lot of time with them. These dogs are too intelligent to lie around the house all day with nothing to do. Prospective owners who are looking for just a family pet should consider other similar but calmer breeds, like show line Australian Shepherds and Shetland Sheepdogs.


This breed should be very well socialized as a puppy to prevent shyness. To be truly happy, it needs a lot of: ongoing attention, extensive daily exercise, and a job to do.

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  1. February 5, 2010 at 2:23 pm

    I’ve owned border collie’s for more than 26 years now and this blog just about says it all. Just make sure your border collie has plenty to do and just be a good friend to your dog as i found they will be there for you in any situation as well.

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