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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Small spaniel type dogs became very fashionable in Britain during the late 1600s, being favorites of King Charles II, as is clear from contemporary paintings. Subsequently, however, their appearance began to change. The modern breed owes its existence to a rich American called Roswell Eldridge. During the 1920s, he put up substantial prizemoney at Crufts for examples of the King Charles Spaniel or English Toy Spaniel which resembled the original 17th century type.

Over the five years of Roswell’s involvement with the show, the number of such dogs being exhibited increased, and gradually, this type of spaniel became more popular. The result was a dog that resembled the boyhood pet of Charles II of England (“Cavalier King Charles”), hence the name of the breed. It was then recognized as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to separate it from its now relatively scarce close relative.

The breed has had following in the US and UK since and has become more popular that the original English toy spaniels.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is described as:

  • An eager, affectionate tail wagger.
  • Outgoing,and sportive.
  • Gentle, Friendly, and adaptable.

These fearless lively little dogs want to please. They are intelligent enough to understand what you want and therefore are usually easy to train and respond well to gentle obedience training.

They are said to be naturally well behaved and get along well with other dogs and non-canine pets. Cavaliers love people, enjoy companionship, and need rules to follow and limits to what they are allowed to do. Successful in conformation shows, obedience and agility, they also make wonderful therapy dogs due to their sweet, gentle natures.

They should not be left alone all day. If you do need to leave them, be sure to take them for a pack walk before you leave to put them in a natural rest mode.

They are descended from hunting dogs and love to romp in the great outdoors. This breed sometimes displays a chasing instinct and should be kept well enclosed or leashed so he does not get lost or run over by a car!

In addition to being the dog’s leader, socialize well to avoid them being reserved with strangers. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a pleasant companion dog. It has a noteworthy sense of smell and vision and can be used in short hunts in open country. They do well in competitive obedience.

This breed has an attractive appearance and pleasant disposition. They are not particularly energetic dogs, so they are suited to city life, and ideal for a home with children.


This is an adaptable dog that does well with a family or individual, in the city or suburbs. In other words – almost anyone.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is small, well balanced, and graceful. The skull is slightly rounded but appears flat because of long, high-set drop ears. The full muzzle is slightly tapered and the eyes are round, large, and dark. The nose is black with large nostrils. The tail is naturally long; occasionally it is docked to two-thirds its length. The coat is moderately long, silky, and straight or slightly wavy, with feathering on the ears, feet, back of the legs, and tail.


  • The long coat and feathering must be brushed and combed each day.
  • The ears must be cleaned regularly with a cotton wad soaked in mild soapy water and all dead and matted hair must be removed.
  • Clean the eye rims with boiled water.
  • In hot climates, the ears should be thinned. They get ear-mites quite often if there is hair hanging around the ears.

Thanks to Woofahs – All Things Pets for this information on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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